Monday, January 24, 2011

The Confession

I was waiting for Cab at harbour front taxi stand with my frenz, we just returned from a short trip to Batam. While queuing, my friend suggested i should sms Miss S to meet up for dinner and so i did. The most suay part happened. After sending her the sms, my handphone battery went flat. I was not able to see her reply throughout the journey. Good thing the taxi driver was driving fast enuff and i managed to see her reply after getting my handphone charge.

Woohoo!! she agreed and so i took a cab down to meet her with the Winnie the pooh stuffs i bought at Batam. I knew she like Winnie the Pooh so i made it a point to spend some time looking for it. I waited for her at the lift lobby b4 we settled down at a neighborhood kopitiam. So we had a little chit chat about my Batam trip and then i passed her the presents.

It was late so we decided to leave the place. She walked me to the bus-stop and waited for my bus to arrive before she left. While in the bus, we exchanged a few smses b4 i popped the question. "Actually i have found my Miss Right. Would you like to be my Miss Right"

She seem shocked by replying "R u joking with me" followed by another sms "I am not ready.. still recuperating. Love hurts."

23/01/2011 Confession failed