Monday, June 28, 2010

Grape Apple and Heart Crumble

Miss S, Mr S and their colleagues were having lunch together and while they were returning to office, they saw Ah Wang Desserts. A newly opened shop that sells local desserts. Miss S commented she wanted to try the grape crumbles and so Mr S joined the long queue. He bought a few boxes of grape crumbles to share with the rest of the colleagues as this would make it less obvious that he was actually buying for Miss S.

After enjoying the delicious desserts, Miss S thanked Mr S for buying the grape crumbles.
Mr S teased Miss S since you ate my grape crumbles, she should bake something in return. He knew Miss S is pretty good in baking especially brownies. 2 weeks later, Miss S returned the favor by baking apple crumbles for Mr S.

Mr S was over the moon when he heard the news. Miss S has invited him out to pass him the apple crumbles. On the day of the meeting, Miss S introduced her BF to Mr S. He fell real hard from cloud nine. Mr S didn't know Miss S has a BF. His heart crumbles into pieces...................