Sunday, March 21, 2010

"BAD"minton day!!

Today is the 1st time that i attend a badminton session organised by the Badminton Group in Facebook and perhaps it would be my last time. It was very disappointing from the start till the end. I reached Bedok Sports Hall about 10mins early and do my usual warm up. After finishing my stretching, i watched the clock as the time tick away. It was only 1315 then i saw the organiser but there were still no signs of the rest. Nevertheless we started to play while we wait for the rest. The organiser wasn't good in badminton, i would rate him a beginner. I dun mind playing with a noob ops but at least show some effort to play but instead he was so lazy to move and even pick up the shuttlecock.

Enough is enough, i dun want to waste time picking the shuttlecock even if it falls on his side. At that time, it was already 1345 and i still dun see anyone coming, I decided to leave the place and go collect my racket at Tampines. My backup racket string has snapped after i lent it to a colleague so i got it re-string. When i reached the shop, the guy told me my racket cracked while re-string.

Really a Suay day, firstly the irresponsible people that didnt turn up for the game and secondly my backup racket cracked. :(