Saturday, January 23, 2010

7th High Key ICT cleared !!

7 down, 3 more ICT to go then my unit can stand down. For those who completed 10 years of NS unit training cycle will be posted to MR (MINDEF Reserve) which means no more field camp, range, IPPT, RT, SAF 100 and etc.

This year ICT is very important as i was fighting Etep, an evaluation field camp exercise which will determine whether the remaining 3 ICTs to be Lobo or Siong. Luckily 329 Unit did quite well and scored a Recon 2A despite Charlie losing 3 AP mines and Alpha company burnt down the camoflauge net. I guess Bravo scored the best since my platoon was awarded Best Platoon of the entire 329 SCE. No medal or certificate but CO forked out $500 to be share among us.

Still can't relax yet although ICT is over but monday returning to work and school reopening on friday. Have to cope with work and studies combo again.