Saturday, December 12, 2009

Status update on my new company

I have been with my new company for close to 2 weeks plus. Very different working environment especially when you are working in the private sector before. Was quite a culture shock I guess but so far I have been adapting well. My colleagues in my department are very friendly and helpful. Most of them are Big JieJie to me as I’m the youngest among the permanent staff there. There is also a team of contract staffs attached to us who are fun to chat with. The contract staffs are mostly around my age that I will be working closely with them for the next few months.

I kinda like the work place here. Firstly, it’s near to my house, a 20 mins bus ride will reach my work place. Secondly, there are plenty of food choices where I get to choose from restaurants to staff canteens. In additional, the meals are given discount if we displayed our passes. Thirdly, there is a recreational club where I can get to play my badminton. In fact I played with other staff there just this Thursday and they are quite pro.

Well it is time for another badminton session with my every Saturday badminton group. OMG I’m addicted to badminton :)