Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Bangkok Trip Part 1

Sawadee Khrap means Hello also good evening, goodbye, and even good-night. Men end a sentence with khrap; women with kha. The Bangkok (BKK) trip came in just nice after my exam although was a little bit last min decided. I went with my frenz and 2 of his frenz which i only know them on that day. The last time i went Bangkok something went terribly wrong. There was 6 of us but only 3 managed to make it on the plane. Anyway my 2nd time to BKK wasn't that bad LOL, the flight got re-timed to 2 hrs later. Suay sia!!! So weird Jetstar announced it as re-timed rather than delayed. To make it sound nicer ar? The Jetstar counter customer service crew was not helping as well when we asked her why our flight got re-timed. She murmured the plane was late, OMG of course we know that. Never mind it's budget flight so LL.

We reached our Hotel at 4pm, BKK is 1 hr later than our SG time and 2 to 4 degree celsius warmer. So hot and humid that once you are not in air-con places, you will perspire within 10mins. The name of the hotel is Yado@Thonglor, located at Sukhumvit road aka little japan area. It is very near to BTS Thong Lo station, convenient for us to go Siam Paragon or MBK in less than 6 stops. 1000 baht per nite + free breakfast flight got re-timed and we were waiting for 1 of our , Cheap rite? It cost me ard 21 SGD or 500 baht per nite since i'm sharing 1 room with my frenz. We didn't get to travel ard on 1st day becosfrenz's relative to collect some things and money. In the end we had our dinner in the hotel's restaurant which served very OISHI garlic rice. Very authentic Japanese style cooking where all the customers ard us were Japs.