Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Exams are over!!

Yesterday i had 2 exam papers in a day. It was my 1st time in UniSim to take 2 papers in the same day as well as my 1st open book exam papers. Open book exam sounds easy rite? You are WRONG!! Both are 2 hours papers and they are on Database System. I brought a textbook and a bunch of notes in to help me with the exams. The papers were quite intensive that some students barely got enough time to finish it. In fact for my 1st paper i did not even flip my textbook for answers.

Time management is very important in both papers. If one take too much time searching for answers from the textbook or notes, he or she would not have enough time to finish. Luckily i was warned by my senpai (Japanese word meaning Senior). He said open book exam means harder questions and it's best to take time revising it. So last week i spent a few days studying with my school mates in T3 Airport. LOL my 1st visit to T3 is actually to study for exam.

The group study helped alot in my papers, i'm glad i spent time revising it and not taking it easy just because it's an open book exam. Well are exams over now, next bangkok trip followed by Job hunting when i'm back..