Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A sweaty and aching weekend

Last week, i was googling for a badminton bag and i stumbled upon a badminton forum. The forum is all about badminton from playing techniques to regular badminton sessions. I was free the weekend so i decided to try out on the regular sessions.

I choose those sessions that are in the east for convenience purposes. The 1st session was on saturday at Tampines sports hall and the 2nd session was on sunday at changi south. Both sessions were in the morning. I got to know 16 strangers from both sessions. They are very friendly and mature people, a good bunch of badminton players. Some of them were kind enough to fault my playing style and where i should improve on. Although they told me their names, i already forgot most of it.

Today is Tuesday and i'm still feeling abit ache due to intensive badminton sessions. Well it's much much better than yesterday. Yesterday was the worst, dun even feel like walking to the toilet. I think i will be joining them this weekend again but only one session. Old liao bones cannot take it :)