Monday, September 21, 2009

The tale of two strikers in a Manchester derby

After Tevez left for manchester city, SAF brought in Owen supposedly to replace him. I like Teve hardworking and never-say-die spirit when he is still in Manu but my love turns to hate when he join rivals city. Also after joining city he starts to badmouthing SAF, i duno how true it is but it's kinda of unprofessional.

Yesterday Manchester United vs
Manchester City, one of the most anticipated match of the season with both side trying to prove a point or two. Even before the game both side already started their verbal battle. SAF labeling city as cocky and arrogance over Tevez " Welcome to manchester" poster while city claims SAF is very afraid to play with city.

Owen scored the winner goal late late in extra time as
Manchester United beat Manchester City 4-3. As usual Owen was not in first eleven and even when he was brought on during 78th min for berbatov, the fourth highest scorer for England hardly made any impact to the game. With little time to play for, giggs supplied a brilliant true pass to the unmarked owen and he converted the goal calmly into the right corner.

SAF leaped into the air celebrating while Mark Hughes was angrily debating with the fourth official about the extra time added on into the game. United led the game three times but each time city crawled back to equalise thanks to the horrible defensive mistakes and a wonderful goal by bellamy. The culprits for the
defensive mistakes are foster and ferdinand, they must be very relieved that owen came to their rescue.

Tevez managed to get fit on time and returned to United only to get booed by fans for the entire game. Although he was loudly jeered by the united fans, he still provided an assist and almost scored a goal. Thanks to the pole as the results would not be the same if the Argentinian scored.

Manchester United edged through the game based on their experience. Manchester City
may have lost but i believed they will be back and Mark Hughes need to something to the defence if they want to compete against the Top Four.