Friday, September 11, 2009

The Story of Mr S and Miss J - Part 4

The Start and The end

Mr S felt so happy after expressing his thoughts to her through the little card. He knew if he doesn’t do it now, he will regret it later irregardless to the outcome. Each day Mr S waited patiently for her reply, sometimes he would check his phone although it didn't ring to ensure his phone is not out of battery. Mr S's hope diminishes as each day passes. There is still no reply from Miss J and by day four Mr S believed the reply probably won't come. It was just his wishful thinking.

Friday evening, Mr S had just knocked off from work and was on his way to buy his dinner when his phone RANG.......... It was from his brother asking him to buy his dinner. Shortly later his phone rang again but this time it was his sms tone. He reached for his phone in his pocket and read the sms " Hi.. I'm J. The one you passed the note to, in case you don't know who.. :P

Her unexpected surprise sms brings back all the hopes Mr S lost earlier. It also brings back the smile on Mr S face and the unexplainable happiness feelings in his heart. And so they started smsing each other, through that Mr S discovered Miss J actually attend baking lessons every Friday evening which explained Mr S 1 hour of dumb wait that day. He also know Miss J is working in an insurance company and enjoys singing karaoke but all good things come to the end. Just when Mr S thought he knew Miss J better through the conversation they had in the sms and even planned to ask Miss J out for a date, an incident happened.

It was almost a month since they started smsing, that fateful day arrived. Mr S met Miss J on the bus, she was siting on the inner seat and the outer seat was empty. Mr S went over, sat on the empty seat and said Hi, Good Morning to her. Miss J did not reply, she turned her head away and looked at the windows. Astonished by Miss J reactions, Mr S was left paralyzed in that awkward situation. Throughout the journey both of them pretended nothing has happened, Mr S continue listening to his 933 while Miss J was looking out at the window. That evening Mr S sent a sms asking her what happened. It was Mr S last sms to her and she have yet to reply.

Till today Mr S dunno what has happened between them to make Miss J react that way. Nevertheless
Mr S wishes Miss J all the best in her life. He hope one day Miss J would sms him the reason but deep down in his heart he knew that would not happen.

Love is like taking a bus, there will be people boarding the bus as well as people alighting. It's a pity that i'm not the one to accompany you to the end of the journey.

爱情就像搭巴士, 途中会有人上车,也会有人下车.

Thank you for reading the short story, the story ends here so there won't be part 5. I apologize for the horrible grammar mistakes and sentences structuring.


Mavis said...

Mr S referring to Slurpee??? =)

I enjoy reading the story of Mr S & Ms J!!! looking forward to yr continues story!

SluRpee said...

Sorry the story ends here, no more part 5

Anonymous said...

Cool story but sad ending