Monday, September 7, 2009

The Story of Mr S and Miss J - Part 3

The Wait

A joyful Mr S went happily in search for the card and he eventually bought it from a bookstore in Bugis Junction. The card is small in size, about the size of a credit card.The cover of the card has a white background filled with glittering dust and a picture of a rose inside the flask. That night, Mr S wrote down his thoughts on the card and determined to pass it to Miss J the next day.

It was Friday morning that day, Mr S is late for work so he could see Miss J and hopefully able to pass the card to her. He waited and waited but couldn't get to see Miss J at the bus-stop so he decided to try again later after work. It must be an unlucky day for Mr S as he couldn't get the chance to see Miss J that evening even after waiting for an hour. And so the card accompanied Mr S over the lonely weekend.

Monday is finally here, Mr S arrived at the bus-stop early as he does not want to miss any chances. After waiting for around 15 mins, Mr S saw Miss J walking over. Each step she took towards the bus-stop, his heart beat increase by 1. Deep down he was thinking where, how, when to give the card but before he can decide, their bus arrived. He was behind her when they boarded the bus. He followed Miss J to the rear of the bus and sat just behind her. This is it. Now or never. Mr S took a deep breath and gently tap her shoulder. He said "Hi, this is for you". Miss J looked surprised but she accepted the card and put it in her bag. Good thing there's not much people at the rear of the bus, such awkward situation.

Back in the office, Mr S felt so revived and happy that he finally gave the card. He msn Miss M to share his joy. Miss M felt happy for Mr S too but told him to prepare for the worst. She told Mr S that Miss J may or may not reply back and if she do reply, it won't be instantly. Do not hope for too much as the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

The long wait begun as Mr S hope Miss J would reply.........


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