Friday, September 25, 2009


This is my first ever permanent job and also my first time experiencing retrenchment process. I have been working in this company for close to 4 years. The new management took over the company 01 Sep 2009 and i remembered the chairman saying there won't be any restructuring, everything will remain the same. Common sense tell us any takeover of company will result in restructuring but some of us actually believe his words. It didn't take long before they change their mind like flipping the roti prata. Oh wait i think it's preplan to calm the situation before they do the axing. In less than a month, retrenchment took place we are being pwned by ABNN.

It started at 3pm where 1 by 1 (Harper's island?) get call into the board room. We are given a stack of papers explaining company restructuring and most importantly the payout cheque. I remember there is one sentence in the stack papers that piss me off saying "As a result of restructuring, your position is REDUNDANT." It was quite an emotional day for everyone including those not affected. Some were busying packing their stuffs, some biding last farewell, some were even crying. My
Quality department are left with 1 manager and 3 contract staffs, the engineers, assistant engineers and specialists are all axed.

Good bye MR Quality team, it's a good fun of 4 years. Will miss you guys, keep in touch and good luck in your future endeavours