Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st day of IPT

After 2 months of Remedial Training (RT), i still can't clear my IPPT. My 2.4km run and Standing Board Jump (SBJ) were my weak points. Together with a bunch of frenz, we decided to book IPT to further improve our fitness but the real reason is to siam RT next year ^^. As there is a one month time frame between RT and IPT, we can't attend IPT immediately after RT.

Using the one month time, i decided to do some self training which i learnt during my RT phase. Instead of my usual endurance running, i changed it to high intensity running. It means sprinting at your fastest pace then rest and repeat the sprint rest thingy for a couple of times. As for training SBJ, i did tug jump and chicken backside. Sounds funny rite, chicken rice anyone? The PTI named it that way, basically you put hands on your ankle and then move your backside up and down.

Today was my first day of IPPT Preparatory Training (IPT) at bedok camp. We knew there would be a IPPT on first lesson but what we didn't know is the test won't count even if you pass.
The one month of training worked well and i passed the test. Too bad it was not counted, either i book separate IPPT or i wait till the last lesson of IPT which is the actual IPPT. It's been quite some years since i passed an IPPT, i guess all the hard work efforts are worth it


Jovi Lim Yew Yi said...

when is the last time i past my IPPT...congratz!

SluRpee said...

If there's a will, there's a way