Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Story of Mr S and Miss J - Part 2

The Little Card

Mr S was late for work that morning but he is happy he got an unexpected surprise. Mr S is not the type of person that always come late for work. In fact it was his first late for work in that month. Back in the office, he was thinking could there be another chance to see Miss J again so he decided to push his luck. The next day, he purposely came late for work and indeed he get to see Miss J again at the same bus-stop. For the next few months, Mr S and Miss J took the same bus to work and every time Mr S could only sit from far admiring her. Each time Mr S see Miss J, he thought of approaching Miss J for contact number. A couple of times Mr S was sitting beside her or even standing next to her in the bus but never muster the courage to do so. Many people would think why such an easy task yet Mr S can't do it. Although it's a simple action but it takes lots of confidence and bravery to so when one is in that situation. The phrase "Actions speak louder than words" is so true.

Mr S was disappointed with his lack of courage but he did not give up. He decided to seek advise from a friend, a female friend should know much better than a guy he thought. His friend, Miss M analyze his situation and suggest him since you can't say it out, why don't you write it down in a little card and pass it to her. Mr S nodded his head totally agreed with that method. With new determination and encouragement from his friend he went off to search for the little card immediately after he finished work.