Monday, August 17, 2009

Barclays Premier League is back

After 3 months of break, the BPL is back again last weekend. All big four got their 3 points except liverpool who sunk at spurs. Arsenal got off a flying start with a 6-1 thrashing of everton at goodison park while ManU and Chelsea scrape through to get their points.

Last nite i watched ManU game against Birmingham City on TV thks to StarHub. Nope i didn't subscribe to starhub. It's free, Starhub Preview Channel let you watch Sports Channels just tune in to frequency UHF 527.25 MHZ. Anyway Rooney get to shine now after Ronaldo has gone to Real Madrid. Beside that, i can see ManU players have more teamwork even Berbatov start back tracking to defense. But the bad part, IMO i doubt Nani and Valencia can fill Ronaldo' shoes. They hardly impress me. I think this season you will see Manu scoring less goals but with a tighter defense. SAF did said defense is the key if Manu intend to get the BPL title again.