Monday, August 3, 2009

Ah Ma fell and injured her left hand

Had my usual badminton session with my kakis on a sunday afternoon. While i'm having a good time doing drop shots and smashes, my Ah Ma fell down from the ladder and injured her left hand. The incident happened around 3pm +, she called my third uncle to bring her to the hospital. In the end my uncle Raymond and aunty jacq rushed over and sent her to General Hospital. The doctor said lucky the bones did not crack but the hand is dislocated and need to be casted.

Apparently she was using a ladder to take something on the cupboard and lost her footing. It's good that the hand hit the ground, i can't imagined if the head hit 1st. The whole incident would have been avoided if she ask the maid to take the things instead. She very stubborn and like to do things on her own. Well that's my Ah Ma, so strong willed and Super Woman i guess. She did single handedly brought up 8 children. I got to know about the incident at 6pm + after my dad informed me. So together with my parent and bro, we down to pay her visit. It's kinda funny when my uncle and aunts said the same thing, why didn't you asked the maid to do the chore. I'm glad everything turn out to be Okay, after all she's my only grandma left.