Monday, June 15, 2009

Ways to fight Monday Blues

Oh God It's Monday! Having difficulty to wake up on time for work, thinking why weekend flies so fast, feeling very EMO not getting to sleep more. Haha those are the common symptoms you, me and everyone are having.

Well there are some ways to lessen the pain. I hope the ways below helps you.

1. Have plenty of sleep on sunday night. (At least 7-8hrs)

2. Have a hearty good breakfast. ( A coffee is a must for me :P)

3. If you are taking Bus/Train to work or school, catch some sleep. ( I do that often on other days as well lol)

4. Listen to your favourite songs while on your way to work or school.

5. A short nap of 10-15mins during lunch hour can really work wonders.

6. Think of someone you like or something that makes you happy.