Thursday, June 11, 2009

IPPT Failed

After 1 month of RT training, i still fail my IPPT. Haiz sian 1/2, this time round slightly better as i manage to clear the SBJ hurdle. I never forgot the last year IPPT i took at bedok camp. I jumped like 10+ times on the SBJ station, only 1 score is recorded and the rest is line fault. Anyway yesterday i took one try to clear my SBJ. together with the rest of the static stations.

So finally it came down to 2.4km, it was an epic phailed. Even i dashed during the last 100m, it wasn't enough. In the end i failed by 22sec, my 2.4km timing was 13min 02sec. RT phase 2 here i come, more dinner gathering with my buddies i guess as they failed too.