Friday, June 12, 2009

£80m bid for Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United accepted a £80m bid from Real Madrid. If the deal goes through, it will break Real's transfer record which they made few days ago after getting Kaka from Ac Milan at £59m. The amount of money involved is crazy, the whole world is still suffering from the financial crisis but certainly not Real madrid.

As a Manchester United fan, i loved to see the transfer deal goes through. It's not that i don't like Cristiano Ronaldo, in fact i was a fan of him till the manchester city game. Enough is enough, his altitude is getting worse and displaying disrespect to the club, fans and manager is a big NO NO. In that game SAF sub him out to preserve his strength for next game but he throw his tantrum like a big baby. Hey come on we know you are good but no player is indispensable especially in Manchester United. We see big stars come and go, famous examples like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Japp Stam, Beckham and etc.

£80m is a huge amount of money to be rejected. Farewell Cristiano Ronaldo, hello Ribery. Once again thank you for contribution for past few years.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, i think Ronaldo should have go but i prefer him at manchester city. How interesting it would be. If real does get david villa, they is really a force to be feared and watch! Hope liverpool beats real to him.

Anonymous said...

Oh btw, my englich is bery powderful.

SluRpee said...

I think david villa would probaby go Real than pool. In england, they are going to implement the new tax thingy which will hurt all footballers' pocket.