Thursday, June 25, 2009

A video for H1N1 ?

Today, Singapore has confirmed another 26 new cases of Influenza A (H1N1) bringing the total to 220 confirmed cases. The new cases are from Riverlife Church, Butter Factory, Fishermen of Christ Church and Maju camp. It looks like containing the virus is inevitable. I personally think the best protection now is individual's social responsibility and a constant reminder of personal hygiene to reduce community spread in Singapore.

The video clip below is very entertaining but yet educating which i found on Mr Brown website. It's a remake version of the famous Nobody song. With the rising cases of
H1N1 in Singapore, maybe mediacorp would want to consider remaking this video and putting it on TV. Of cos who else but our famous Gurmit Singh as Phua Chu Kang should be singing the remaked video :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Exam results are out !!!

Phew my marketing 201 actually pass sia and back then i thought i'm gona flunked this paper. It gave me a few nightmares after i took the paper. In fact the marketing's grade is actually better than the organisational behaviour which surprised me. I was quite confident that my OB can get at least a B well 人算不如天算. Overall, i'm glad with the results. Thanks YL and Alvin for informing me that the exams are out.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ways to fight Monday Blues

Oh God It's Monday! Having difficulty to wake up on time for work, thinking why weekend flies so fast, feeling very EMO not getting to sleep more. Haha those are the common symptoms you, me and everyone are having.

Well there are some ways to lessen the pain. I hope the ways below helps you.

1. Have plenty of sleep on sunday night. (At least 7-8hrs)

2. Have a hearty good breakfast. ( A coffee is a must for me :P)

3. If you are taking Bus/Train to work or school, catch some sleep. ( I do that often on other days as well lol)

4. Listen to your favourite songs while on your way to work or school.

5. A short nap of 10-15mins during lunch hour can really work wonders.

6. Think of someone you like or something that makes you happy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

£80m bid for Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United accepted a £80m bid from Real Madrid. If the deal goes through, it will break Real's transfer record which they made few days ago after getting Kaka from Ac Milan at £59m. The amount of money involved is crazy, the whole world is still suffering from the financial crisis but certainly not Real madrid.

As a Manchester United fan, i loved to see the transfer deal goes through. It's not that i don't like Cristiano Ronaldo, in fact i was a fan of him till the manchester city game. Enough is enough, his altitude is getting worse and displaying disrespect to the club, fans and manager is a big NO NO. In that game SAF sub him out to preserve his strength for next game but he throw his tantrum like a big baby. Hey come on we know you are good but no player is indispensable especially in Manchester United. We see big stars come and go, famous examples like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Japp Stam, Beckham and etc.

£80m is a huge amount of money to be rejected. Farewell Cristiano Ronaldo, hello Ribery. Once again thank you for contribution for past few years.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

IPPT Failed

After 1 month of RT training, i still fail my IPPT. Haiz sian 1/2, this time round slightly better as i manage to clear the SBJ hurdle. I never forgot the last year IPPT i took at bedok camp. I jumped like 10+ times on the SBJ station, only 1 score is recorded and the rest is line fault. Anyway yesterday i took one try to clear my SBJ. together with the rest of the static stations.

So finally it came down to 2.4km, it was an epic phailed. Even i dashed during the last 100m, it wasn't enough. In the end i failed by 22sec, my 2.4km timing was 13min 02sec. RT phase 2 here i come, more dinner gathering with my buddies i guess as they failed too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Congrats Ferris on becoming a dad

A good gaming friend and colleague of mine has turned DAD. A few friends of us decided to pool in some money to buy something for his son Cepheus. A very unique name, i think ferris name it after some Greek myth or stars thingy. Good thing he didn't name his son as Diablo or Nakayuda (Just Kidding). A picture of his son wearing our gift. Once again Congrats!! You are a Father now and it's time to plvl him :P

Friday, June 5, 2009

Patience is a virtue

After accomplishing the 1st mission, i never thought there is a 2nd mission for me. The 4 days of waiting seem forever, i guess good thing is worth waiting. Today, i finally got a reply. The feeling is unexplainable, i'm feeling shocked but yet happy. Some people can describe the feelings like tio toto or 4D but to me it's much more than that, something special. A chance for me to do this 2nd mission. Ganbatte SluRpee !!


All mine muhahaha, envy ba. Just kidding those are my lab phones. My current project requires me to test with all the phones except one which is mine. Make a guess which phone is mine, we have E51, E65, E71, N95, Nokia 3120, Blackberry Curve and Bold. It should be easy :P

TGIF = Thank God Is Friday

Working adults like me love friday becos it's the last working day of the week. Unless your company requires you to work on weekends then too bad i guess. As usual, we go central or bedok south to have our lunch but for past few fridays, there can only be one thing "MACDONALD". The crazy fest to collect the Coca Cola cups have got into us lol. The cups i collected so far are blue, green and purple.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

L4D 2 coming soon

OMGBBQWTF!! Yes that's my 1st reaction when i heard the news L4D 2 is coming out on November 17 this year. With new maps, characters, special zombies and even melee weapons like a chain saw. Sounds cool sia. Talk is nothing just watch the clip below and be amazed.

For more detailed news visit

Father's day Present

Father's day is round the corner, have you decided what to get for your dad? I have and it is Osim uVision Eye Massager. Instead of the usual shirts and watches, i thought maybe this year i should get something different. As his work requires long hours of vision on the road, Osim uVision would be a more practical and meaningful gift. Anyone got Osim lobang? :P

Monday, June 1, 2009

1st Mission accomplished

Last friday, my 1st attempt on the mission was aborted as i'm late for an early meeting so i decided to try it after work. The 2nd attempt failed too after a long hour of waiting in vain at the bus-stop.

Finally this morning, my 3rd attempt was a success and now the waiting game begins. Whether it is a positive or negative outcome, i want to thank Meow for the tips and push. Oba-san kitty FTW !!