Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exams are finally over !!

At last my last paper is over, time to relax. It's been mind boggling over the past 2 weeks. Sometimes i wished my brain would operate like a computer, merely download or transfer all the relevant data into it. Then exams will be as easy as ABC.

Anyway more time now for gaming, exercise(RT lol), to tidy up my room, do more blogging, lots of things to do. Oh ya my M1 2 year plan is almost up, wooohooo time to choose a new phone :) Darn tmlo need to go back work, hmm i wonder if any happening news occur while i'm not around. Its almost like 3 weeks since i last went back to office.

Ahh time for L4D, gona kill more zombies :)


Tay Ming Jie said...

Hello! Do you still have the TNP dollar notes? In my case, I need it not directly for charity purpose. But so as to get a macbook Pro to start developing Apps and selling them. Part of the earning will definitely be for charity purpose. Do I still qualify for the TNP dollar notes though it is not directly for charity purpose?

U can contact me by emailing to basketball_kg@hotmail.com


SluRpee said...

Sorry i didnt realise got comment as i did not setup my email notification. Anyway i need to check my storeroom again and hope my mum didnt give it to the garang guni man