Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barcelona the best team in the world

Manchester United lost 2-0 to Barcelona this morning. I woke up to watch my supporting team playing without a soul after they concede the early goal to Samuel Eto'o.

Barcelona was a much better team, dominating most of the time while manu couldnt even keep their possession. Against a team like barca, you cant afford to lose possession as it will much more difficult to get the ball back than controlling it.

Congrats Barcelona for winning the Champions league and my daring colleague who bet with Singapore pools taking Barca puting 1 1/2 handicap at the odds of $5.00. Barcelona the best team in the world :(

In the end, i'm late for work. Although i'm disappointed that manu lost but more disappointed in myself for not able to do it again.

Darn just received an sms from my buddy that i lost the bet and i owed him a dinner meal. William we never agree on botak jones leh. Beside Botak Jones so unhealthy, our RT IPPT coming. Can we just go 85 market and have bak chor mee :P